Join TAXO’D professional partner program for accountants and other contractor support agencies

TAXO'D is an intelligent Tax Framework that will optimise and monetarise your firms service to freelance workers.

Be Customer centric even with high volumes and small fees

Serve an existing sector better or open a new market sector

Intelligently digitise the processing of self-assessment taxes

Develop a new business model through our affiliate program

Smart integration with CLIENT & HMRC

Self-employed workforce contributes over £275B to the UK economy with over 5M participants, and research indicated that the sector would continue to grow as we enter a new paradigm of home, part-time and interim working.

The emergence of open banking and automated links into the HMRC now makes self-employed far easier to service with digitally focused accountancy practices and support agencies.

TAXOD is a super simple app that you can offer your current and future clients to help in the collation and submission of self-assessment tax returns as well as providing a personnel finance management system to help with money management.

We are working with accountants to provide a support capability for this workforce, if you would like to be part of this revolution which is moving towards making tax digital for freelancers then let’s talk.

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