Freelancers, your tax woes end here.

Record your transactions as you go. Know how much tax you owe. File your tax return directly to HMRC.


I’m Dave, the Founder of sexy looking tax app. I am a freelancer – just like you. TAXO’D was born from the mind-numbing frustrations I experienced as a freelancer. It is now TAXO’D’s endeavour to end the tax woes for all freelance Independent Heroes like you.
n 2010, I became a freelance a designer. I knew absolutely nothing about my managing my own business finances or tax affairs. In 2016, I released an accounting app TAXO’D. The very thing I wish I had when I first started out.It’s my hope that it can help the millions of other freelancers who too suffer the burden of a mind-boggling tax system.- It’s also happens to be the only tool created for freelancers, that require no accountant and files directly to HMRC. BOOM!


TAXO'D.  Simple tax app and SAAS accounting solution for freelancers. Tax return, done.