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Maximise your Claim from working at Home... in your pants.

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How to prevent feeling isolated when working from home

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Why your Hopes and Dreams matter

Working towards opening an online or bricks and mortar store is a very different dream than being able to travel the world working remotely - both require initial money, organisation, a plan, but in different ways.


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What's TAXO'D?

Record as you go

Track and record all your business transactions on the fly. Whenever. Wherever. Whatever.

Record in and out as you goBankSync: automated bookkeepingDigitise your paper workMaximise your home office claimRecord across multiple tax years

know what you owe

Know what you owe and when you owe it, without needing to know a thing about it.

Know what you oweYour ‘tax owed’ calculated on the flyExport your data and financial reports
Breakdown of comings and goingsYour whole financial year at a glance

tax return done

The simplest, quickest and most enjoyable way to file your tax return - on earth.

Tax return, doneUp to 92% auto-tax return completionAuto-reconcile all of your manual data
Never miss another tax deadline File your return from previous tax years