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Kristian Charles Williams

Kristian Charles Williams

May 10, 2023

Your Tax Return as a Gig Economy Rider in the UK

If you earn money as a rider, delivering food for Just Eats, Uber Eats or Deliveroo then you will need to file a Tax Return.

Submitting your Tax Return in the UK as a gig economy rider or driver

Obviously, for all of us in the UK (and the world over) 2020 was a pretty appalling year for eating out. Eating out became something Alien. AKA ET'ing out - and just like the Extra-Terrestrial video game - it simply ceased to exist.

However, just like ET needed Elliot to use his BMX bike -to peddle him to the woods - so he could convene with the mothership - for safe passage back to Brodo Asogi [that's ET's home planet obviously! Duh!] then .. the world (as we know it post COVID19) needs bike riders (just like Elliot) to deliver our delicious cuisines to our front doors!

Still with me? Thought so ;-)

TAXO'D TOP PUN - 'Stand and Deliveroo! Your Tax or your Life!' (Adam Ant, 1981)

Back to Earth ..

Planet Earth is riddled with clever peeps who build clever apps that can connect you with the restaurants and cuisines that tickle your fancy, then enable the freakishly fantastic food to be delivered right to your front door.

Working for yourself or your employer, from the comfort of your own home has never been so enforced, or celebrated or indeed .. opted for! 

The delivery industry has never seen such growth thanks to the COVID19 pandemic and the resultant lockdowns. The UK restaurant delivery is worth a staggering £8.1 billion a year, which is a 13.4% growth since 2017. And all of the competing restaurants have one major decision to make - who will deliver this food ? Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats?

For better or for worse the gig economy has flourished. The gig economy is a hotbed of discussion with 'rights for its workers' (or lack of I should say) but without the food delivery riders/delivery drivers UK ... then you sir (sat at home on your computer eating stale crumpets) would simply not be getting your tasty nosh delivered to your front door.

Thank you fast food delivery drivers - Fast Food Delivery Man! We Salute You ! (and fast food delivery Woman!)

but ..

Gig economy riders and drivers (just like all freelancers and the self employed) have to pay tax on earnings via a Self Assessment Tax return.

and if you don't know what that is .. you better stay tuned ;-)

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What is a Self Assessment Return?

In the UK, a Self-Assessment tax return is a submission to HMRC declaring how much money you made in the previous year and you file it to HMRC every year. In it, you declare your earnings and your expenses and based on this information HMRC will generate your tax bill, that you will need to pay. You will be fined if you have earned over £1000 in the tax year and have:

  • Failed to file your tax bill
  • Filed your tax bill late
  • Paid your tax bill late

Do I need to complete a Tax Return?

If you were Self Employed (in any tax year) between April 6th and April 5th you will need to complete a tax return.

If you work as a delivery rider or driver for any delivery platform (Just Eats, Foodhub, Zomato, Deliveroom, Uber Eats etc) in a self-employed fashion then you will need to file a tax return. You can file your tax return from your phone using TAXO'D tax filing app.

What is the deadline for filing a Self Assessment?

The deadline for filing your self-assessment tax return is January the 31st. Due to the disruption of COVID19, this year it has been extended to February the 28th 2021 (for tax year April 6th 2019/Aril 5th 2020.)

TAXO'D TOP TIP - Be aware of the filing deadline and get your return done early. If you miss the deadline you get hit with a £100 fine.
TAXO'D blog - Tax return for gig economy

In what ways can I file my taxes?

Unsurprisingly, most freelancers don't file their tax return immediately after the tax year ends. With most filing it later in the year to give them time to pull together their receipts and expenses etc

A worrying amount of self-assessment filers leave filing their tax return to January of the following year ... given themselves just weeks to meet the deadline. There are 3 ways you can file your tax return:

  • Online - via the HMRC website
  • Paper - via the post to HMRC (not recommended)
  • using a registered accountancy firm
  • using a personal tax app like TAXO'D on your phone or computer

What do I need to file my self-assessment tax return?

To file successfully you will need to have your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)

A UTR number is a ten digit number issued directly by HM Revenue & Customs, and is used to identify you as an individual taxpayer. If you are yet to register for a UTR number with HMRC you can do so here.

Why TAXO'D tax return app?

Simply because ..

TAX SUCKS! and we want you to SPEND LESS TIME AND MONEY ON IT! TAXO'D is the only mobile tax filing tool that was built by freelancers, for freelancers. TAXO'D salary tax calculator does your tax return in its entirety. All you have to do is set up your tax profile (10 minutes) and record your income and expenses as you go through the year.

TAXO'D tax return software makes recording income and expenses easy and you can file your tax return direct to HMRC from your phone, saving you time and stress. TAXO'D self assessment software does away with the need for an accountant, saving you further money and time.

Sign up today for TAXO'D personal tax app

Disclaimer: This is simply a guide and should not be treated as tax advice. Contact HMRC directly if you need tax advice.

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TAXO'D.  Beautiful, simple, award-winning, end-to-end accounting solution for freelancers. Record as you go. Know what you owe. Tax return, done. TAXO'D.  Beautiful, simple, award-winning, end-to-end accounting solution for freelancers. Record as you go. Know what you owe. Tax return, done. TAXO'D.  Beautiful, simple, award-winning, end-to-end accounting solution for freelancers. Record as you go. Know what you owe. Tax return, done.
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